Klaasje Nieuwhof - Flute

Klaasje Nieuwhof was born in the Netherlands and entered the Young Talent Class of the Amsterdam Conservatory at the age of 14. There she studied with contemporary music specialist Harrie Starreveld and finished her Bachelor study with grade 9 in 2008. She attended master-classes by Peter-Lukas Graf, Andras Adorjan, Emily Beynon among others and studied traverso and baroque interpretation with Marten Root.

Klaasje continued her studies in Amsterdam with Abbie de Quant and was selected for the Ligeti Academy for contemporary music of the Asko|Schoenberg Ensemble. There she worked together with artists such as Reinbert de Leeuw and Heinz Holliger. In 2010 she won the second place of the Benelux Flute-competition/ Open Nationaal Fluitconcours and graduated as a Master in the same year.

Closely connected to her work as an interpreter of both contemporary and old music, she developed an increasing interest in the possibilities of performative elements: elements that are at the borders of classical music playing and at the same time touch its very essence. This results in collaborations with musicians, composers as well as artists with all kinds of specializations: dance, painting, and VJ-ing. Klaasje also makes choreographies to the compositions she plays, which she performs while playing.

In 2012, Klaasje finished a Master in Transdisciplinarity at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste in Switzerland with Matthias Ziegler, specializing in contemporary music and music theatre.